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Ines Barba Novoa

French-speaking Lawyer-bilingual- with up to 12 years of experience and high level in English. Partially educated in Geneva, finished her university studies in Malaga.

Member of Penalnet (*). Specialized in Criminal Law. Will assist you in:

Criminal Law: Assistance when arrested- Drink-driving offences- Injuries- Drug-related crimes- Fraud- and other criminal offences.

The direct contact in the own language of the client is in a branch like the Criminal one is almost mandatory, as we deal with personal matters which are highly private, although it is also quite relevant for a perfect understanding of the customer's expectations, his problem and the legal solution to offer.”.

When providing our services to foreign clients, we are aware of the need of deep explanation of the details of our judicial system, in order to inform them perfectly, as they find the initial problem of being in a country whose language is unknown for them, and also that they are involved in a proceeding that could be essentially different to their own one. Winning in information for them is winning in tranquility and in the adequate planning of the proceedings to take.”

Ines Barba Novoa. Though based in Malaga is working in any town in Spain and has given legal assitance since 1998 in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Guipuzcoa, Granada, Jaen, Cadiz, Ceuta, Castellón, and in cooperation with Lawyers in cases based in France (Paris, Nantes), U.K.(Bristol),Norway(Oslo), Algeria(Mostaganem, Oran), Morroco(Tangier), among others. Has been invited in January 2006 to take part in a Conference in Salerno (Italy) to explain her personal experience with other Lawyers in her international cases.
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(*)The system provides a directory of registered European criminal Lawyers, a selection of 300 members of accredited and experienced in Spain in Criminal Law, which allows faster interaction and efficiency, and increases confidence between the professionals and amongst clients/citizens whilst protecting their right to privacy as well as professional secrecy.

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